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Sun, Jun. 30th, 2013, 07:55 pm

The other day I said to myself, "I think I want friends."

I replied to myself (silently, because I make an effort not to appear completely batty in public), "That's ridiculous, I have plenty of friends. I also am usually the one who is less likely to initiate Doing Stuff because I'm an introvert and a busy ambitious person and rarely feel like hanging out."

That's all true, but all the same I think I want friends. More specifically: local friends. I have plenty of friends scattered across the continent. I have plenty of friends on Long Island, and I sporadically see them if I happen to be playing or attending a family thing on Long Island and have extra time. But I haven't lived on Long Island for years and am, honestly, not that interested in making it my hangout land. I kind of moved to Brooklyn on purpose. In theory people like meeting up with other people in the city, but the reality is they all have lives and it doesn't happen that often. Hey, I get it.

And I'm pretty busy but I feel like there are probably other people who are also pretty busy but might still like a friend to see occasionally. To meet up with at things like NYC Pride or a coffeehouse concert. Two things I went to alone this weekend. (And I had a great time; I actually really like my own company but every now and then I want someone to share things with.)

I also really like my city, and being out and about in it this weekend made me realize I want to spend more time connecting with the place I moved to on purpose.

So maybe I will try to find a Brooklyn Friend. Lots of love to all of you, scattered non-Brooklyn friends that may or may not be reading this. I will certainly invite you to come hang out with me and my Brooklyn Friend, when and if I find one.