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ms. sensitivepants
28 August 1984
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My name is rorie and I make songs.

I'm into honesty.
abandoned subways, acoustic guitars, adorable people, assertive weather, avocados, beautiful things, beauty amidst ugliness, being healthy about sex, being myself, being nice, being told things, being understood, believing in love, bisexuality, black eyeliner, boating, broken guitar picks, brooklyn, cats, charles de lint, cities, colorful hair, confusing dreams, critters, crying easily, cuddling, darkness, doing my best, drawing, driving, driving through states, faeries, fair trade, fancy animals, feel better food, feminism, fog, francesca lia block, freedom, gender, going exploring, good lyrics, good poetry, good sex, guacamole, guitars, hearts and stars, henna, herbs and spices, home, honesty, hugs, ice storms, independence, independent music, journals, jump little children, kisses, lack of absolutes, learning stuff, legwarmers, lgbt rights, living everywhere, local music, local politics, making and keeping promises, making stuff, music, my own autonomy, new things, new york city, nice people, not shaving, notebooks, openness, poetry, politics, pretty things, pro tools, psychology, punchy time, queens ny, rain, rainbows, rainy day activities, random people, reading, recording, roads, rocky horror, romantic weather, sensitive books, sensitive movies, sesame street, sex, sexual education, sexuality, singing, sleepytime, smart people, socks, songs, soup, spontaneous hootenannies, spooning, staying up late, stories, subverting the patriarchy, sulking, sweatshop-free, t-rex, taking pictures, talking openly for once, tarot, tea, telecasters, the color black, the east village, the female body, thunderstorms, tights, truth, trying, tummies, underarm hair, universal health coverage, unnecessary road trips, urban fantasy, wandering around, warm fuzzies, washington square, water, writing, writing songs

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